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Flynn Feeds


Our Agrichemical range and service is unrivalled in terms of hands on experience, efficiency of supply and value for money. Our experienced team are on hand and meticuously trained to listen to individual cases in order to get the best results using the most cost effective spray programmes. At Flynn Feeds we pride ourselves on helping growers increase yields and produce top quality grain.

Our consultant agronomist, Peter Nangle, was a sales manager with some of the leading chemical companies prior to joining Flynn Feeds. Peter has a wealth of professional and practical experience in dealing with all matters regarding grassland and tillage. As a tillage farmer himself he is well aware of the practical realities and challenges facing farmers.

The key focus of the company, in terms of agrichemicals, is to keep up to date on the newest spray chemistry programmes, so that you can avail of the best, most effective products and product combinations, every time. We pride ourselves on providing the correct products, at the correct rates and the optimum spray timings in order to gain the maximum result every time.


Flynn Feeds, The Downs, Mullingar, Co.Westmeath

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