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Paul Flynn


Paul has over 30 years experience in the feed business and because of this he has a wealth of experience and knowledge in the feed industry.

Paul's depth of knowledge is closely matched by his friendliness and willingness to help all customers get the best solutions for their herd. He is committed to providing the best service for each customer and has instilled this ethos onto all his staff.

Contact Number: 087 2580227



Donal Gilsenan

Sales Representative

Being an experienced Feed sales rep for over 20 years, Donal has built up a knowledge base on ruminant feed diets that is unrivaled in the Midlands. Donal's reputation is built on being reliable and consistent which makes him an excellent ambassador for Flynn Feeds.

His approachabilty makes him an easy person to deal with professionaly and he would be more than welcome to listen to any query big or small.

Contact Number: 087 2526421






Brian Leavy

Sales Representative

Brian has over 30 years experience in the feed business and is a very well known figure with farmers in the greater Mullingar area.

Brian's experience in the job makes him very reliable and trustworthy when it comes to calculating the best formula for each individual farmers stock. His friendly manner means that he is always approachable and ready to listen to all queries.

Contact Number: 087 8125390



Dolores Whyte

Sales Representative

Dolores is one of our newest recruits and brings to the job a wealth of experience in the industry. Her main area that she would look after is any farmer operating in Longford and also around the Westmeath/Longord border.

Dolores is very good at getting a feed that suits an individual need from dairy feeds to beef feeds. She seems to always find the best solution for the customer.

Contact Number: 087 1884400






Fred Clyne

Delivery Man

Like Brian, Fred has been with the company for over 30 years and has built a reputation as being one of the most reliable feed delivery drivers in the country. He has travelled the length and breadth of Ireland gaining a stronger reputation each time with the more customers he leaves satisfied.

Customers have mentioned on several occasions on how the level of service he provides is second to none.

Contact Number: 044 9376100



Tommy Martin


Tommy is an integral part of the Flynn Feeds team and his attention to detail in producing the feed and making sure everything runs smoothly is apparent when you come on site. 

His main focus has always been on quality and consistency and is evident when you see the results. He is always reliable and that shows in the amount of deliveries and collections that is done on his watch.

Contact Number: 044 9376119






Martin Oliver


Martin has been with the company for over 12 years as a storeman and been found reliable to be in the store on hand to help any customer that comes in to collect their feed. He is always willing to help the customer with their load big or small.


Contact Number: 044 9376149




Flynn Feeds, The Downs, Mullingar, Co.Westmeath

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